Joyce Chew

Digital Experience & Content Design specialist.

technical creative & word nerd.


Hi there, I'm Joyce.

I design content-led digital experiences¹ to shape creative, technical solutions for businesses and users alike. Mediums and messages are my craft. Beautifully crafted things are my lifeblood.

I’m a Sydney-sider consulting at the Digital Experience practice of Deloitte Digital (say hello on Linkedin) with roots in SEO, web publishing and content marketing. Sometimes, I tinker with front-end development and visual design.

When offline, I write² or illustrate³.

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End notes.

1. I champion a content-led approach to designing digital experiences: Digital moments that matter are made meaningful by content. I've joined a motley team of talented content specialists in the Digital Experience practice of Deloitte Digital. Some industries I've worked in include: Defence, Financial Services, Retail, Superannuation and Automotive.  

2. I'm a keen creative writer interested in experimental ways to use language. My work has won the 2019 Overland VU Short Story Prize and been shortlisted for the Emerging Writer's Festival. I graduated from the University of New South Wales in 2017 with a Bachelor of Commerce/Arts (Distinction) and First Class Honours in English Literature. I also studied Philosophy and Marketing.

3. Graphite and graphics are modes of experimentation that keep me on my toes about foundational aspects of composition and design. Feel free to check out my illustrations. At work, I've storyboarded, mapped user flows and helped to shape digital asset libraries. Out of work, I play with hand lettering, poster design, charcoal portraits and ink.

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